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Waterbury, CT

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Last Update: January 19, 2003

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This list will be about all genealogical aspects of the town of Waterbury, from its founding to present day. Any historical tidbits that you may have to share are welcome. I'd like this to be a "friendly" list, so please feel free to contribute anything you'd like for our web page, so we can get to know each other better. If you have submissions for this page, please email attach them and send them to me at: gar@askgar.com.

The complete archives of our mailing list are available from RootsWeb. Waterbury Archives by Month. There is also an option to Search Waterbury Archives. There are more than 1,000 messages in our archives!

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Who we are / Who we are researching

Name:emailHomepageResearching . . .
Gary Warner gar@askgar.com Gar's GenealogyWarner, Andruss, Scott, Williams
Rachel Hubbard Bryant<sfoxden@industryinet.com Judd, Hubbard families
Dan Lynchdanlynch@mail.com Lynch, Phelan, O'Rourke, McElligott, McEvoy,Ditoto (Di Tota), Orsatti, Tartaglia, Pietrunti, Lombardo, Della Rosa, Verno
Elizabeth Richardsonerich@ktn.netDoolittle; Saxton/Sexton
Julie Kuntzskeeter@televar.comO'Reilly; Overton
Barbara Lewisbslewis@snet.netNaugatuck ValleyBronson; Upson; Welton
William Battenwbatten@bellsouth.netBlakeslee/Blakesley; Batten
Bob Morinremorin@cox.netBob's PlaceResident!
Terrence McMahonTEMcMahon@aol.comMcMahon; Geary; Hines; Delaney; Purcell
Nina Santoroncsantoro@worldnet.att.netStage family
Monica J. Primus-Crawleynicabill@aol.comPrimus family
Linda BessetteLBess15@aol.comBessette family
Susan Stone-BalazsSeager2112@aol.comMary Petraitis and John Kazlauskas, m. in Waterbury c.1912-4
Charlotte Nichols VardyVardy2000@aol.comNICHOLS family
BarbaraBarb7bri@aol.comFilippone and Pugliese family
Jeanine Grant Listernenebean@quixnet.netSurnames: Carlin/Carlan, Horan, Lister, Coughlin/Coughlan, Holmes, and Hill. Also factories of Waterbury 1905-15. Tuberculosis in early 20th century.
Dorian Hayes Summerlindoriansummerlin@aol.comSurnames: Mulligan, Hayes, O'Reilly / Reilly, Dowling, Monahan / Monaghan, Raymo

What we have to share

Gary Warnergar@askgar.comJoseph Anderson's Town and City of Waterbury in 3 volumesVery well indexed, with over 200 pages of vital records by family. Send email for lookup requests.
Dan Lynchdanlynch@mail.com full Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com subscriptions, plus 1880 Census of Waterbury

Waterbury-Related Materials

Materials from "Town & City of Waterbury, Conn" by Anderson which have been posted to CT-Waterbury-L: From Ancestry.com (needs membership): From other sources:

Genealogies that cross Waterbury

Connecticut-Related Materials

Historical Waterbury

Today's Waterbury

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