Timothy Judd's Book of the Dead

Apparently Timothy Judd kept a little book of the people who died in Waterbury

The following is extracted from "The Town and City of Waterbury, Conn. Volume I" by Joseph Anderson, page 676.

Sept. 28, 1761, Dropt down dead in the path uncle Tho. Upson
Nov 16, 1764, Died uncle John Root of Kinsington in his seventy-ninth year.
March 8, 1765, was taken in a fit at the Widow Stow's, Doct Mun of Woodbury & died in about seven minutes.
June 2, 1768, was taken with an Appoplectic & died Immediately the wife of Stephen Judd, Lydia by name.
June 8, 1773. Died with the consumption, in his passage from Sandacroix, Timothy Richards.
July 28, 1754: Died, Serg. Caleb Clark.
June 27, 1769: Died at Stephen Matthew's house, James Parker of Chester, a boy of about ten years of age.
May 7, 1770: Died in a fitt of Appoplex, as the jury adjudged, Mr. Benjamin Wetmore.
Sept. 21, 1771: Died Jack Negro Man to Benjamin Richards.
Aug. 14, 1772: Died with the kick of a colt, within a little more than 24 hours, the eldest child of John Foot, aged 5 years.
January 17, 1773: Died James Outis (?) a Tranchent Person at the widow Edwards house.
January 13, 1774: Died Abi, eldest child to Jacob foot . . . and the same day Justus Daley's leg was cut off.
February 5, 1774: Abijah Garnsey's leg was cut off.
June 7, 1775: Died Bethel, son to William Scovill, killed by a Trees falling on him.
December 14, 1776: Died Daniel Tyler's Junr, two children, which were all he had, and were buried at Break Neck.
March 23, 1777: Died Ensign James Smith.
March 21, 1778: Was killed with the fall of a tree, Edward Scovill, Junr.
Oct 16, 1779: Was killed with a cart the only son and child of William Scovill.
Jan 11, 1781: Was drow'd in a well, a son to Eldad Andrus.
June 5, 1781: Died Seth Blake (last entry.)

Also mentioned of this book, from pg. 466:

July 22, 1758.  Died in the camp at Lake George, Mr. David Hungerford.
Aug 28, 1758.  Died in the camp at Lake George, Samuel Richards.
Sept 4, 1758.  Died in the camp at Lake George, Daniel Stow.
Sept 5, 1759.  Died, Gideon Robards, in the army at Crown Point.
Sept 12, 1759.  Died, Caleb Thomson, in the army at Crown Point.
Nov 14, 1759. Died in the camp at Crown Point, Bartho. Williams.
Dec 22, 1759.  Died, William Thomson, at Number 4.
In the summer 1760. Died in the camp, James Andrus.
Nov. 1, 1760.  Died this side Green Bush in his return from the camp, Joseph Blake.
Aug 5, 1761. Died at Crown Point, Serj: John Strickland with the Small Pox.
Died in the Camp at Crown Point, November, A.D. 1761, John Painter, Jun.

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