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Did you know that the Vital Records of early Connecticut were collected by Lucius Barnes Barbour?

Help us Recreate them!

Last Update: October 3, 2003

Here's the concept. We all have family from Connecticut. If they lived from the earliest days to the mid 1800s, their vital records were PROBABLY recorded in the Barbour Collection. Go to your files. Find your photocopies. Get them keyed in! The data in your file cabinets could be just what someone else needs!

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Barbour Contributions Received So Far

City# Surnames# Records
Welton FamilyALL of 'em!

The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records -- available for purchase!


As you might have noticed above, the Town of New Haven is not included in this list. This is primarily because a much richer resource is already available. "Families of Ancient New Haven" is a NINE VOLUME set documenting New Haven and its daughter towns from 1638 to 1800 for births and deaths, and 1810 for marriages. Also includes data from daughter towns: Hamden, Bethany, Woodbridge, East Haven, North Haven, and West Haven.


The Barbour Collection also excludes the towns of Bolton, Coventry, Enfield, Mansfield, Norwich, and Vernon for the same reason. Exhaustive compilations of their vital records were already prepared. (BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE! IF YOU DO, LET ME KNOW SO I CAN PUT UP LINKS TO THEM!!!)

More Recent Vital Records

Connecticut Vital Records Information -- this site tells how to contact each Vital Records Clerk in today's Connecticut.
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