First Families of Waterbury, Connecticut

This is a new initiative to try to document descendants of the first families of Waterbury, Connecticut.

To begin, we'll be linking to information already existing on the web.
If you have information on the descendants or ancestors of the men below, please send me an email at:

The Petition for a Plantation

To the honored generall court now sitting In Hartford Octobr 9, 73
Honord gentlemen and fathers we being sensible of our great neede of a comfortable subsistance doe herby make our address to your selfes. In order ot the same Not Questioning your ceare and faithfulness In ye premisses: allso hoping of your freeness and readyness to accomidate your poore supplicants with yt which we Judge to be: In your hands: according to an orderly proseeding we therefore whose names are hereafter Inserted to humbly petition your honours to take congnicance: of our state who want Land to Labour upon: for our subsistance & Now having found out a trackt at a place called by ye Indians matitacoock: which we aprihend may susfetiently acomidate to make a small plantation: we are therefore bould hereby to petition your honors to grant us ye liberty of planting ye same with as many others as may be: capable comfortably to entertaine and as for the purchasing of ye natives with your allowance we shall take care of: & so not to trouble with farther Inlargement we rest only desiring your due consideration & a return By our Louing ffriend John Lankton and subscribe our selfes your nedy petitioners.

Thomas Newell Daniell Warner
John Lankton Abraham Andrews
John Andrews Thomas Hancox
John Warner Senior John Carrington
Daniell Porter Daniell Andrews
Edmun Scoot Joseph Heacox
John Standly Junior Thomas Standly
Abraham Brounsen Obadiah Richards
Richard Seamer Timothy Standley
John Warner Junior William Higginson
Isack Brounsen John Porter
Samuell Heacox Thomas Barnes
John Wellton John Woodruff

Map of Houselots from 1681
Anderson's Waterbury, pg. 160
(click to enlarge)
Map of Mattatuck Plantation
Anderson's Waterbury, pg. 161
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In 1689, these are the houselots as they fell by succession:
Great Lot Benjamin Jones
Abraham Andrus Samuel Hikcox
John Carrington John Warner
Benjamin Barnes Samuel Judd
John Wilton Daniel Warner
William Judd Timothy Standly
John Judd Benjamin Judd
William Higginson Thomas Warner
David Carpenter Daniel Porter
Joseph Gaylord Isaack Bronson
John Scovill Joseph Hikox
Edmund Scott Thomas Newell
Thomas Richason Thomas Judd
John Langdon John Standly
John Newell (purchased lots)
Obadiah Richards
Thomas Hancox
John Bronson
Great Lot

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