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I am trying to do an exhaustive study of the SCHISSLER / SCHIESSLER / SCHOESSLER /etc. family who lived in Walter, Russia. I just learned of this link in late August, 1998. These were what is called "Volga Germans", who settled on the banks of the Volga River in Russia at the invitation of Catherine the Great. (See The Manifesto of the Empress Catherine II issued July 22, 1763)

If you would like to join a discussion of the SCHISSLER genealogy and history, for all spellings and in all places at all times, mail and just type "subscribe" as the message text. You can also Search the Schissler-L Archives. Join the list and send a note to us about your family history. Its a great way to enter your history into a permanent searchable archives, and to share your history with over fifty other Schissler genealogists!

Walter Russia is part of Saratov Province. A researcher named Dr. Pleve at Saratov has studied many of the families from Walter, including my own. My own family tree has been greatly extended by his research.

My family can be traced back to Langenschwarz, Hesse, Germany. Dr. Pleve believes all of the Schoessler family (as they spelled it then) in Walter are descended from Johannes Caspar Schoessler. After more than one hundred years in Russia, the Germans were badly mistreated by the incoming regimes, (especially the Communists), and began to flee to America and elsewhere. My own Schissler family, I have learned, came from Langenschwarz to Walter, and then to Nebraska and Michigan.

I am trying to identify Schisslers from the following two lists who may have come from Walter, Russia.

I have "html-ified" the GEDCOMs I downloaded from the Walter, Russia homepage:
Walter much on SCHOESSLER name
Butherus information has been removed at the request of the family.
Send me your GedCom files for families related to Walter, Russia and I will add them here.

I have also pulled a list from Switchboard of All Known SCHISSLERs in US. Also all All Known SCHOESSLER and All Known SCHUESSLERs

If you are, or know of, a Schissler descendant, please look at the list and send me an email if you can tell me more about any of the individuals. I will link your data into the lists. Thank you!

I've searched the Social Security Death Index. for information about SCHISSLER individuals in:

More lists will be forthcoming as I have time to input them. . .
Wonder what the Social Security Death Index Is?