Social Security Death Index Search Results
(an extract of SCHISSLER and sound alikes from Nebraska

NameBornDiedResidenceLast BenefitSSNIssuing StateIssued
IRMA SCHIESSLER20 Jul 1909Apr 199251104 (Sioux City, Woodbury, IA) (No Location Given)505-22-0061NebraskaBefore 1951
LARRY SCHIESSLER1 May 1930Nov 1966 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)507-28-7254NebraskaBefore 1951
MOLLIE SCHIESSLER14 Mar 19018 Feb 1991 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)508-20-5949NebraskaBefore 1951
TED SCHIESSLER26 Jan 1908Feb 198051104 (Sioux City, Woodbury, IA) (No Location Given)508-01-4482NebraskaBefore 1951
TEDDY SCHIESSLER4 Aug 1927Feb 1971 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)507-20-6597NebraskaBefore 1951
TERRY SCHIESSLER1 Dec 1934Feb 198780011 (Aurora, Arapahoe, CO)80011 (Aurora, Arapahoe, CO)507-32-6890NebraskaBefore 1951
WILLIAM SCHIESSLER17 Sep 1910Mar 1971 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)508-09-3513NebraskaBefore 1951
FRANCIS SCHISSLER16 Jul 192221 Oct 1990 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)508-16-5875NebraskaBefore 1951
MAC SCHISSLER20 Jan 1888Nov 197168920 (Alma, Harlan, NE) (No Location Given)507-38-6710NebraskaBefore 1951
MARIE SCHISSLER10 Dec 1898Mar 199168920 (Alma, Harlan, NE) (No Location Given)506-26-2563NebraskaBefore 1951
ROBERT SCHISSLER2 Apr 19265 Jul 199768144 (Omaha, NE) (No Location Given)506-22-5644NebraskaBefore 1951
FRED SCHOESSLER3 Dec 1888Jun 196668112 (Omaha, Douglas, NE) (No Location Given)505-10-4344NebraskaBefore 1951
JOHN SCHOESSLER8 Oct 1918Nov 198633565 (Thonotosassa, Hillsborough, FL) (No Location Given)505-09-7922NebraskaBefore 1951
MARY SCHOESSLER4 Dec 1888Jan 197444240 (Kent, Portage, OH) (No Location Given)507-68-8496Nebraska1966
ROBERT SCHOESSLER3 Jul 1913Nov 198592054 (Oceanside, San Diego, CA) (No Location Given)505-03-1537NebraskaBefore 1951
CLARA SCHUESSLER22 Jul 1888Oct 198668801 (Grand Island, Hall, NE) (No Location Given)505-86-2847Nebraska1973
DORCAS SCHUESSLER23 Aug 1919Dec 198368801 (Grand Island, Hall, NE)68801 (Grand Island, Hall, NE)507-03-9830NebraskaBefore 1951
ELSA SCHUESSLER30 Dec 190119 Jun 199168123 (Bellevue, Sarpy, NE) (No Location Given)508-20-4859NebraskaBefore 1951
ERNEST SCHUESSLER26 Oct 191914 Sep 1991 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)505-12-0059NebraskaBefore 1951
EUGENE SCHUESSLER27 Feb 1909Nov 198401107 (Springfield, Hampden, MA) (No Location Given)505-52-6117NebraskaBetween 1956 and 1957
EUGENE SCHUESSLER1 Jul 196024 Aug 1997 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)508-62-2584Nebraska1963
OTTILIE SCHUESSLER11 Aug 1898Jan 1981 (No Location Given)69162 (Sidney, Cheyenne, NE)505-86-9809Nebraska1973
ROSE SCHUESSLER1 Jul 1953Oct 198668127 (Omaha, Douglas, NE)68123 (Bellevue, Sarpy, NE)508-72-2543Nebraska1968
WALTER SCHUESSLER5 Apr 1893Feb 197268123 (Bellevue, Sarpy, NE) (No Location Given)505-20-8366NebraskaBefore 1951
ELMER SCHUSSELE17 Aug 1917Sep 198592805 (Anaheim, Orange, CA) (No Location Given)507-03-2782NebraskaBefore 1951
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