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(an extract of SCHISSLER and sound alikes from Michigan

NameBornDiedResidenceLast BenefitSSNIssuing StateIssued
ANNA SCHIESLER13 Nov 19101 Jun 198848471 (San Dusky, Sanilac, MI) (No Location Given)362-30-9922MichiganBefore 1951
ESTHER SCHIESLER15 Feb 1906Jun 197648228 (Dearborn, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)370-48-2474Michigan1963
J SCHIESLER19 Apr 193715 Jan 1993 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)371-34-2378MichiganBetween 1951 and 1952
JACOB SCHIESLER24 Nov 1902May 1965 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)372-10-3566MichiganBefore 1951
JOHN SCHIESLER23 Nov 1917Aug 1957 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)384-05-2312MichiganBefore 1951
MAX SCHIESLER21 Sep 1911May 1971 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)385-16-0796MichiganBefore 1951
SOPHIE SCHIESLER19 Mar 191715 Jan 199548041 (Memphis, Saint Clair, MI) (No Location Given)372-18-8941MichiganBefore 1951
ADAM SCHISLER22 Dec 1908Jul 197990806 (Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)364-03-9613MichiganBefore 1951
ANTHONY SCHISLER16 Feb 1882Aug 197048135 (Livonia, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)363-01-1214MichiganBefore 1951
ANTHONY SCHISLER5 Oct 19058 Jun 199633707 (St Petersburg, Pinellas, FL) (No Location Given)365-03-1539MichiganBefore 1951
DAVID SCHISLER20 Jul 1942Nov 1966 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)380-40-9938MichiganBetween 1957 and 1958
EARL SCHISLER14 Jan 194218 Jul 199549203 (Jackson, Jackson, MI) (No Location Given)362-42-6894MichiganBetween 1957 and 1958
ERIC SCHISLER31 May 191923 Nov 199421061 (Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel, MD) (No Location Given)376-16-1905MichiganBefore 1951
IRWIN SCHISLER8 Sep 194114 Oct 1989 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)384-42-8358MichiganBetween 1959 and 1960
KAY SCHISLER11 Dec 1944Feb 1981 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)380-42-2911MichiganBetween 1959 and 1960
LAURA SCHISLER12 Aug 1900Jun 197848429 (Durand, MI)48429 (Durand, MI)384-38-8898Michigan1956
MARTHA SCHISLER19 Feb 1912May 199348415 (Birch Run, Saginaw, MI) (No Location Given)375-14-2108MichiganBefore 1951
MICHAEL SCHISLER10 Jun 1921Mar 197132661 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)382-05-5266MichiganBefore 1951
SOPHIE SCHISLER18 Oct 1914Dec 1974 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)377-24-1990MichiganBefore 1951
ANNA SCHISSLER25 Sep 1887Dec 197248213 (Detroit, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)382-05-9092MichiganBefore 1951
CLARA SCHISSLER2 Oct 1905Sep 199148750 (Oscoda, Iosco, MI)48750 (Oscoda, Iosco, MI)386-38-4800Michigan1956
DANIEL SCHISSLER16 Nov 1905Jul 198048750 (Oscoda, Iosco, MI)48750 (Oscoda, Iosco, MI)369-10-4606MichiganBefore 1951
ELEANOR SCHISSLER9 Mar 1918Sep 198148072 (Zip Code 48072) (No Location Given)382-10-7777MichiganBefore 1951
FLORENCE SCHISSLER8 Mar 1922Apr 197848722 (Frankenmuth, Saginaw, MI) (No Location Given)381-14-1739MichiganBefore 1951
GEORGE SCHISSLER22 Feb 1896Mar 196848906 (Lansing, Ingham, MI) (No Location Given)363-01-7208MichiganBefore 1951
JACK SCHISSLER10 Jul 1914May 196748009 (Birmingham, Oakland, MI) (No Location Given)363-01-7209MichiganBefore 1951
JACK SCHISSLER26 Jan 19386 Mar 199648152 (Farmington, Oakland, MI) (No Location Given)362-38-5835MichiganBetween 1954 and 1955
RUTH SCHISSLER23 Apr 1896Jun 197348906 (Lansing, Ingham, MI) (No Location Given)385-12-0178MichiganBefore 1951
WILLIAM SCHISSLER26 Dec 19209 Feb 199348656 (St Helen, Roscommon, MI) (No Location Given)374-18-0142MichiganBefore 1951
CONRAD SCHISSLER JR20 Jun 1897Jan 198848722 (Frankenmuth, Saginaw, MI) (No Location Given)380-09-2528MichiganBefore 1951
ELIZABETH SCHISZLER23 Jan 1910May 1990 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)383-38-2806MichiganBetween 1955 and 1956
KONRAD SCHISZLER14 Jul 190915 Dec 1987 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)383-38-2833MichiganBetween 1955 and 1956
EDWIN SCHOESSLER30 Jan 1907Jan 198148185 (Livonia, Wayne, MI)48071 (Royal Oak, Oakland, MI)365-01-2751MichiganBefore 1951
ELIZABETH SCHOESSLER19 Nov 1907Nov 198048185 (Livonia, Wayne, MI)48220 (Royal Oak, Oakland, MI)363-32-4677MichiganBefore 1951
KENNETH SCHOESSLER16 Feb 19348 Mar 1993 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)377-32-8838Michigan1951
JOHN SCHUESLER13 Aug 190819 Sep 198948128 (Dearborn, MI) (No Location Given)364-30-4745MichiganBefore 1951
ANDREW SCHUESSLER9 Mar 1882Jul 197363147 (St Louis, Saint Louis City (City), MO) (No Location Given)377-09-0500MichiganBefore 1951
ARNOLD SCHUESSLER22 May 1905Oct 198048224 (Detroit, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)365-01-2786MichiganBefore 1951
ARNOLD SCHUESSLER22 Aug 1913Feb 198299206 (Spokane, Spokane, WA)99206 (Spokane, Spokane, WA)381-03-0262MichiganBefore 1951
CLARA SCHUESSLER27 Feb 190723 May 199448236 (Detroit, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)375-28-2866MichiganBefore 1951
DONALD SCHUESSLER18 Oct 193212 Apr 199649689 (Wellston, Manistee, MI) (No Location Given)367-30-4686MichiganBefore 1951
FRANK SCHUESSLER9 Jan 1911Aug 197548213 (Detroit, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)362-03-7733MichiganBefore 1951
FRED SCHUESSLER9 Aug 1917Jun 198648044 (Clinton Township, Macomb, MI)48044 (Clinton Township, Macomb, MI)373-10-4868MichiganBefore 1951
HANS SCHUESSLER16 Jan 1880Oct 196748043 (Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI) (No Location Given)362-01-3984MichiganBefore 1951
HAROLD SCHUESSLER9 Apr 1916Aug 1969 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)364-01-8418MichiganBefore 1951
LILLIAN SCHUESSLER13 Sep 1913Dec 199548044 (Clinton Township, Macomb, MI) (No Location Given)368-32-1951MichiganBefore 1951
MABEL SCHUESSLER25 Jun 1895Jul 198048207 (Detroit, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)379-36-2791MichiganBetween 1953 and 1954
MADELEINE SCHUESSLER13 Mar 1915Feb 197848044 (Clinton Township, Macomb, MI) (No Location Given)364-05-6535MichiganBefore 1951
OSCAR SCHUESSLER10 Oct 1898Dec 197748164 (Carleton, Monroe, MI)48164 (Carleton, Monroe, MI)380-16-4150MichiganBefore 1951
TRELESE SCHUESSLER25 Aug 1919Feb 198649031 (Cassopolis, Cass, MI)49031 (Cassopolis, Cass, MI)381-07-5384MichiganBefore 1951
VERONIKA SCHUESSLER6 May 18893 Nov 198748098 (Troy, Oakland, MI) (No Location Given)375-10-9650MichiganBefore 1951
WILLIAM SCHUESSLER1 Mar 1889Dec 197448103 (Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI) (No Location Given)373-40-3881MichiganBetween 1956 and 1957
WILLIAM SCHUESSLER23 Jan 1939May 1976 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)370-38-9491Michigan1955
HARRY SCHUSLER28 Nov 1895Nov 196637814 (Morristown, TN) (No Location Given)373-03-5929MichiganBefore 1951
HELEN SCHUSLER14 Jul 1890Jun 1979 (No Location Given)48226 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)381-48-7036Michigan1963
CHARLES SCHUSSLER2 Nov 192930 May 199733312 (Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)372-28-6980MichiganBefore 1951
JAMES SCHUSSLER15 Mar 1888Jul 197148237 (Detroit, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)362-32-6216MichiganBefore 1951
SARAH SCHUSSLER30 Jun 1895Jun 197348237 (Detroit, Wayne, MI) (No Location Given)362-68-8673Michigan1973
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