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My Warner family has been in America since 1635. To see a summary of the family, and how it has migrated over the years, check out the Warner Migration Map

My Family Tree splits down my four grandparents lines:

WARNER - 1635 immigration CT>NY>MI
other names include: Fuller, Connett, Perry, Graves, Crafts, Allis, Belden, Trescott, Andruss, Scott, Williams, Greele / Greeley, Love(we)ll, Hassell
DOBSON - 1910 immigration Essex, Eng>MI
other names include: Cousins, Lake
STRONG - of "Elder John" fame. . .
other names include: Wartenbe, Sanders, Clapp, Bush, Wright, Bartlett, Bundy, Prentice, Stebbins,
If you are a GRAVES family descendant, please visit the Graves Family Association!