Data from Gary Warner and Nan Roth

Conrad Schissler Jr. is the son of Conrad and Elizabeth Schissler.

Conrad Schissler is listed on the 1920 Census of Michigan as follows:

Conrad Schissler
age 22, born GER (1900 PA) (Father: Russia, Mother: Russia) 
Laborer Furniture Factory
619 Clinton
Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI
(Enumerated with his Father-in-Law, Ned M. Lacey)

wife Helen, age 23, born MA
dau Catherine, age 3 months, born MI
son Ned, age 1 yr 3 months, born MI
Conrad's parents were Conrad and Lizzie, who are listed on the entry for his brother, Conrad

Gary is descended from Ned, who has 5 children and many grandchildren.