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Hi, I'm Zach. I know you'd think I would have to be some big, famous person to make such a website for myself. Really, I'm just an ordinary guy. But most of all I love roller coasters. I just love the adrenaline rush you get when you go over the first hill. Its just cool! Any way now to get to what I do in my spare time. I love to look at maps. I like to learn a lot about the U.S.A. I wish I could go to the geography bee at school more though. I also like designing floor plans for houses and things. I always have liked studying natural disasters as well.
Roller Coasters Trips Maps
Six Flags: Darien Lake
Superman: Ride of Steel
This rollercoaster had such a rush when you went down the 215ft.first drop.It was sweet.
The Mind Eraser
This roller caoster scared me to death it. I have been on so many rollercosters it amazed me how scared I was. This was a hanging rollarcoaster and you always felt like you were going to hit your feet on things.
This rollercoaster had the stongest G forces of any other rollercoaster I have ever been on. In fact there is a picture of it at the top of this section.
The Predator
This rollercoaster had nothing to important but it is the best woody that I have ever ridden It had the most zero G's of any woody I have been on it is also the smoothest woody's I have been on.

This was a rollercoaster that I don't recommend. It was a old rollercoaster so it was really bumpy it hurt my dads neck.
Six Flags Over Georgia
MindBender (used to be Riddler)
This rollercaster is a fun rollercoaster. It's just fun. Just 2 inversions for a relaxing ride.My favorite ride inSixFlags Over Georgia
This rollercoaster is intense but I don't recommend it.It is way too shaky.
The Great American Scream Machine
This rollercoaster is a nice rollercoaster. The rollercoaster is really shaky. When there are a lot of G forces it shaks badlyand gives you a headache.
The Georgia Scorcher
This rollercoaster has a huge loop I mean it is so big you wonder how long it will last.
This rollercoaster is a little scary if your sitting in front seat because when you come to the end of the track you feel like your going to off the edge.
Georgia Cyclone
I don't recommend this one rollercoaster because it is old and very shaky.
Batman The Ride
I love this rollercoaster it is so fun.You can't see the track because you are under it so you always feel like going to shoot off the track but then you loop and go the other way.

Busch Gardens: Williamsburg, VA
Apollo's Chariot
This was a sweet rollercoaster. it was sorta like The Superman.It has open seat cars so you feel like your floating 200ft. up.
Big Bad Wolf
I hated this rollercoaster every timeyou got going fast you would stop on chains and go up a hill that's only 2ft. high.
Loch Ness Monster
This was a fun rollercoaster it was nice. I liked this rollercoaster because it had only 2 inversions. So it was sorta relaxing.

King's Island, Cincinatti, Ohio
The Racer
This was a great rollercoaster it was a fun woody.What I liked about this rollercoaster is that you can ride forward or backward.

Disney World, Orlando Florida
Space Mountain
I know that this rollercoaster doesn't brake a record or anything but what I liked about it is that it is in the pitch black and can't see a thing.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I liked this rollercoaster because it had a cool landscape and how you just wound around a mountain
VisionLand, Birmingham, Alabama
The Rampage

I wish this rollercoaster was still around to ride it was the top 4 rollercoaster in the U.S.and was one of the best I have ridden but sadly the park could not stay in business.
Marine Land, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Dragon Mountain

This rollercoaster was awesome It was one of the longest ones I have been on.It is cool.

Buffalo, NYYBeautiful city with pretty bridges and nice view of Lake Erie
Niagara Falls, NYYNot great view of falls but nice aquarium.
Niagara Falls, OntarioYBeautiful capital building but otherwise, no.
Queenston, OntarioNNice place for history and a jet boat ride.
Yates, NYNUnless you like Warner family genealogy, just a town of 100 people.
Darien Lake, NYYNice six flags, 5 awesome roller coasters
Montgomery, ALNNice capital building and Alabama history, nothing else.
Gulf Shores, AL YNice beach, nice condo, and a theme park.
Tuscaloosa, ALNUnless you like University of Alabama, just a town.
Huntsville, AL YNice space and rocket center.
Decatur, ALYHas a nice water park.
Guntersville, ALYIf you are a bird and bald eagle watcher and like fishing this is the place for you.
Auburn, ALNAuburn University nothing else.
Hartford, CTNBeautiful capital building but otherwise, no.
Nashville, TNYHas some studios and a theme park.
Chattanooga, TNYYYAquarium, Kids Museum, Ruby Falls, Rock City, View of Mountains, Incline Railway, and more at the Chattanooga ChooChoo.
Atlanta, GAYBest Six Flags I've been to.
Tallahassee, FLNNothing except a beach nearby.
Orlando, FLYDisney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and More.
Pensacola, FLYNice beach and Naval Air Base.
Cincinatti, OHYMy mom's home town complete with theme park and IMAX theater.
Dayton, OHNnothing.
Washington, DCYHistory, Capitol of US, and more, more, more, lots of memorials, presidents' history.
Ocean Springs, MSYA beautiful town not many resorts for little crowds, beautiful beach.
Norfolk, VAYNice city if you like Navy.
Virginia Beach, VAYSame as Norfolk with a nice beach.
Williamsburg, VAYNice history and a theme park set ups.
I like the Atlas and Gaztteer. They have all kinds of roads they have back roads and the Alabama Atlas and Gazetteer I can find my street. So if you like looking at Atlases you should look at the Atlas and Gazetteer.In fact here is some pictures of some.You can find these Atlases if you go to Barnes & Nobles.
The Alabama gazetteer is nice I can find my grandmothers house. it is nice you can see how far nieghborhoods go back. I also have a Florida gazetteer It is nice you can see detailed maps of nice cities.
The other Atlases I use are the Rand Mcnally Road Atlas. It is nice if you are just using main roads.