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Subject:      Winthrop Passengers  ( A-H)
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This list is from the excellent book: _The Winthrop Fleet of 1630_:
      (An Account of the Vesselseake, Robert
      English Homes from Original Authorities)  by Charles Edward Banks

It is believed by Banks to be a complete list, gathered from many sources.
I will follow this with (I-W) tomorrow (there were no XYorZs).
Somebody who knows how might want to make this a genealog file once it all
gets posted.  I have VERY brief biographical notes from Banks if anyone
wants me to, the Voyage, the or them.

Abbott, Daniel
Abell, Robert
Agar, William
Alcock, George, ______
Alcock, Thomas
Aleworth, Francis
Andrew, Thomas
Archer, Samuel
Aspinwall, William, Elizabeth, Edward
Audley, (Odlin) John
Baker, John, Charity
Balston, William, Elizabeth
Barsham, William
Bartlett, Thomas
Bateman, William
Baxter, Gregory
Beamsley, William, Anne
Beecher, Thomas, Christian
Belcher, Edward, Christian, Edward Jr.
Bendall, Edward, Anne
Benham, John
Biggs, John, Mary
Black, John
Boggust, John
Boswell, John
Bosworth, Zaccheus
Bourne, Garret
Bowman, Nathaniel, Anna
Bradstreet, Simon, Anne
Brand, Benjamin
Bratcher, Augustine
Brease, ____
Brenton, William
Brett, Isabel
Bright, Henry
Browne, Abraham, Lydia
Browne, James
Browne, Richard, Elizabeth, George, Richard Jr.
Buckland, William
Bugby, Richard, Judith
Bulgar, Richard,_______
Burnell (Bunnell), William
Burr, Jehu,_____, Jehu Jr.
Burroughs, Robert
Cable, John
Cakebread, Thomas, Sarah
Chadwick, Charles, Elizabeth
Chambers, Anne or Annie
Chase, William
Chauner, Margery
Cheesebrough, William, Ann(Stevenson), Sarah, Peter, Samuel, Nathaniel
Child, Ephraim, Elizabeth
Church, Richard
Clarke, John
Clarke, William, Elizabeth
Clough (Cluffe), Richard
Cobbett, _____
Coddington, William, Mary
Colbron, William, Margery
Colby, Anthony, Susanna (Haddon)
Cole, John
Cole, Rice, Arrold
Cole, Robert
Cole, Samuel, Anne
Converse, Edward, Sarah, Phineas, John, Josiah, James
Cooke, Margaret
Cowlishaw, William, Anne
Crabb, John
Crafts, Griffin, Alice, Hannah
Cranwell, John
Cribb, Benjamin
Crugott, James
Dady, William, Dorothy
Deekes (Dix), Edward, Jane
Devereux, John
Diffy, Richard
Dillingham, John, Sarah (Caly), Sarah
Dixon, William
Doggett, John, ____, John Jr, Thomas
Downing, James
Dudley, Thomas, Dorothy (Yorke), Samuel, Anne, Patience, Sarah, Mercy, Thomas
Dutton, ____
Edmunds, John, Mary
Eggleston, Bigod
Ellis, Arthur
Elston, John
Fayeweather, Thomas
Dady, William, Dones, Charles
Finch, Abraham, Abraham Jr., Daniel, John
Firmin, John
Firmin, Giles Jr., Martha (Doggett)
Fitzrandolph, Edward
Fox, Thomas
Foxwell, Richard, _____, John
Freeman, Samuel, Apphia (Quick), Henry
French, Thomas, Susan (Riddlesdale), Thomas Jr., Alice, Dorcas, Susan,
        Anne, John, Mary
Frothingham, William, Anne
Gage, John, Amy
Gager, William
____, _____  (servant to Dr. Gager name unknown)
Garrett, Hugh
Garrett, Richard, ___, Hannah, ____
Gibson, Christopher, Mary
Gibson, Elizabeth
Glover, Ralph
Glover, John, Anne
Goldthwaite, Thomas, Elizabeth
Gosnall, Henry, Mary
Gosse (Goffe), John, Sarah
Goulworth, John
Gridley, Richard, Grace, Joseph, Abraham
Gyver, Bridget,
Haddon, Garrett, Margaret
Hale, Robert, Joan
Hall, John, Joan (Dove)
Hammond, Phillipa
Harding, Robert
Harris, Thomas, Elizabeth
Harwood, Henry, Elizabeth
Hawke, ____
Hawkins, John
Hawthorne, William
Hesselden, Franceis
Hoames, Margaret
Hoffe, ______
Hopwood, Edward
Horne, John
Hosier, Samuel
Howlett, Thomas
Hudson, William, Susan, Francis, William Jr.
Hulbirt, William
Hutchins, Richard
Hutchinson, George, Margaret
Hutchinson, Thomas

(To Be Continued . . . )

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Date:         Fri, 15 Mar 91 11:11:28 CST
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Subject:      Winthrop Passengers (I-W)
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A list of the passengers in the Winthrop Fleet of 1630 was started in
a previous message.  This info is from the book:
   _The Winthrop Fleet of 1630: An Account of the Vessels, the Voyage,
    the Passengers and their English Homes from Original Authorities_
    by Charles Edward Banks.
    Reprinted in 1983 from the 1930 original.

I have BRIEF information from the book that I would be willing to look up
for MOST of these passengers.

Here's the rest of the list:

Ijons (Irons), Matthias, Anne
James, Edmond, Reana
James, Thomas, Elizabeth
James, William, Elizabeth
Jarvis, John
Johnson, Davy
Johnson, Francis, Joan
Johnson, Isaac, Arbella
Johnson, John, Margaret
Johnson, Richard, Alice
Jones, Bethia
Jones, Edward
Kidby, Lewis, ____, _____, Edward
Kingsbury, Henry, Margaret, Henry Jr.
Kingsbury, Thomas
Knapp, Nicholas, Elinor
Knapp, William, ____, John, Anne, Judith, Mary, James, John, WIlliam Jr.
Knower, George
Knower, Thomas
Lamb, Edward
Lamb, Thomas, Elizabeth, Thomas Jr., John, Samuel
Lamb, Roger
Lawson, Henry
Learned, William, Judith
Leatherland, William
Legge, John
Lockwood, Edmond, Elizabeth, _____
Lockwood, Robert
Lynton, Richard, ____, Anna, Lydia
Lynn, Henry, Sarah
Masters, Johrt
Tyndal, Arthur
Matson, Thomas, Amy (or Ann)
Mayhew, Thomas, ____, Thomas Jr.
Miller, ____
Millett, Richard
Mills, John, Susan, Joy, Mary, John Jr., Susanna, Recompense
Morey, Roger
Morley, Ralph, Catherine
Morris, Richard, Lenora
Morris, Thomas, Sarah
Morton, Mary
Moulton, Thomas, Jane
Mousall, Ralph, Alice
Munt, Thomas, Dorothy
Nash, Gregory, _____
Needham, Ann
Nicolls, _____
Nowell, Increase, Parnell (Gray) n, Jane, Sarah, Lyn  (See Audley)
Page, John, Phebe (Paine), John, Daniel
Painter, Thomas, Katherine
Palmer, Abraham, Grace
Palsford, Edward
Palsgrave, Richard, Anne, John, Anna, Mary, Sarah
Parke, Robert, Martha (Chaplin), Thomas, ____, ____, ____
Parker, Robert
Patrick, Captain Daniel, ____
Pelham, William
Pemberton, James, Alice
Pemberton, John, Elizabeth
Penn, James, Katherine
Penn, William
Penniman, James, Lydia
Perry, Isaac
Peters (Pettit), Anne
Phillips, Rev. George, ____, Samuel, Abigail, Elizabeth
Phillips, John, Joan
Phillips, John
Pickering, John, Esther, George, John Jr., Joan
Pickworth, John
Pierce, John, Parnell, Experience, Mercy, Samuel
Plaistow, Josiah
Pollard, Mrs. Anne
Pond, John
Pond, Robert, Mary
Porter, John, Margaret, ___, ___,___,___,
Pratt, Dr. Abraham, Jane
Pynchon, William, Agnes, John, Anne, Mary, Margaret
Rainsford, Edward, ____
Ratcliffe, Philip
Rawlins, Thomas, Mary, Thomas Jr., Nathaniel, John, Joan, Mary
Reade, Thomas, Priscilla
Reading, Joseph
Reading, Miles
Reeder, ____
Revell, John
Reynolds, Robert, Mary, Nathaniel, Ruth, Tabitha, Sarah
Richardson, Ezekiel, Susanna
Royse (Ryse), Robert, Elizabeth
Ruggles, John, Frances, ____
Ruggles, Jeffrey, Margaret
Sales, John, ___, Phebe
Saltonstall, Sir Richard, Richard Jr, Samuel, Robert, Rosamond, Grace
Sampson, Robert
Sanford, John
Saxton, Rev. Giles
Scott, Robert
Seaman, John
Seely, Robert
Sergeant, _____
Sharp, Robert
Sharpe, Thomas, ___, ___, Thomas
Shut, _____
Simpson, _____
Smead, ___, Judith, William
Smith, ____, __ look someone up f
Squire, Thomas
Stearns, Isaac, Mary (Barker), John, Abigail, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary
Stileman, Elias, Judith (Adams), Elias Jr.
Stoughton, Israel, Elizabeth
Stoughton, Thomas, _____
Sumner, William, Mary (West), William Jr.
Swaddon, Philip
Swanson, Anna
Talmadge, William, _____
Taylor, Gregory, Achsah
Taylor, John, ____, ____
Timewell, William
Tomlins, Edward
Turner, Nathaniel
Turner, Robe_, ___, ____
Underhill, John, Helen
Vassall, William, Anne, Judith, Francis, John, Anne
Wade, (Thomas)
Walker, Robert, Sarah
Wall, ____, ____
____,_____  (Servant of Mr. Wall)
Ward, Thomas
Warren, John, Margaret
Waterbury, William, Alice
Waters, John, Frances, Mary, ___, ___
Weaver, ____
Webb, Richard, Elizabeth
Weed, Jonas
Weillust, Joist
Weldon, Robert, Elizabeth
Weston, Francis, Margaret, Lucy
Wilbore, Samuel, Anne
Wilkinson, Prudence, Sarah, John, Elizabeth
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas (alias Harris, may be same as preceding), Robert
Wilsby, ____
Wilson, John
Wilton, David
Wing, Elizabeth
Winthrop, John, Henry, Stephen, Samuel
___,____ (x8)  -- Winthrop had eight servants, names unknown
Woods, William
Woolrich, John, Sarah
Wormewood, _____
Wright, Richard, Margaret, Eleanor, Robert

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