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Trying to reconstruct my 2016 reading list. I'll keep updating it until I've got the year complete.


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SciFi, Action and Thrillers, Politics, Poetry, Assorted Non-Fiction, Computers, Business, Religion / Philosophy

Science Fiction Books / SciFi Books

An excellent collection of Nebula award winning stories, including the story that became the new movie: Arrival!
Go ahead and buy all three. You aren't going to want to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS for the next one to arrive after you spend all night reading the first one. Remember the mind-expansion you felt after watching the first The Matrix movie back in the 90s? Get ready for that times ten. When open source developers create a chemical matrix that allows an Operating System to be laid down on the human brain, then any Neuro-developer can write code that builds upon that matrix to expand the capabilities of the human mind programatically. Mix that with a BRILLIANT treatment of the arms race of a citizen-dominating China vs. a corrupt surveillance state USA, and have it imagined by a brilliant software engineer who really works at Amazon. PHEW! Mind blown!
OK, so it wasn't "Ready Player One" -- how could it be? Ernest Cline's first novel was custom-made to be the perfect read for this 70s/80s childhood Dungeons and Dragons Video Gamer. But it was still a strong read and quite a fantastic finish!

Thrillers / Action Books / Spy Books

Did you love the original Trilogy and just can't bring yourself to imagine Lileth in the hands of another author? Put your fears aside. This one is just as great as the original three! Read on!

Political Books / World Politics

ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror, by Michael Weiss
Radical: My Journey Out of Islamist Extremism, by Maajid Nawaz - tells a fascinating tale of the radicalization of a young Canadian muslim, who learns about true Islam when his attempts to commit jihad introduce him to the lies being fed by the jihadis. He now tries to help other young men not fall into the same traps that almost consumed him. Follow him on Twitter! @MaajidNawaz
Joby Warrick is first a Pulitzer winning author, and second an expert in Jihad. This matters to create the most readable of all the ISIS-related books I've read so far.
Charles Lister's book on the Syrian Jihad has more first person interviews and accounts than any of the other books. Lister spent the time to get to know the people and now he has the ability to give us the guided tour of all the personnel and factions that you MUST know to understand what's going on in Syria.

Haiku Books / Poetry Books

Assorted Non-Fiction Books

Computer Books / Computer Security Books / Network Security Books / Hacking Books

This is the one book that every EnCase Examiner needs to have. What a great overview of the capabilities of the product, especially with regards to the changes in version 7! As someone who has been teaching EnCase for five years, I love this book!
Michael Bazzell's Open Source Intelligence book is the training book that every new analyst should start with. Great way to accelerate the introduction to the field.

Management Books / Leadership Books / Business Books

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently - John Maxwell with Thomas Nelson.

Religion / Philosophy / Spiritual