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Hot Tip: How to Use Powerplay
From: The Gar with Suggestions and Corrections from BirdWatcher and Ian

Card Text:
This card may be played only if you control a non-Angel, Inner Circle asset. Starts with 3 tokens. At the start of your turn remove one token. When the last token is removed if you have a non-destroyed base in every city you gain control of all of your opponent's assets. Power Play is then removed from the game.
A "non-Angel, Inner Circle asset"? Uh, that means KATHERINE CARTER But how do you get that many bases into play?
Key Cards: Katherine Carter, Power Play, Mobile Base Construction Expansion Plans
    The Sequence - Option One
  1. Katherine starts at the top of your deck.
  2. Wait to draw Expansion Plans and Mobile Base Construction
  3. Invoke Mobile Base Construction and let your bases sit in your hand. With MBC bases do not take up space in your hand.
  4. Once you have necessary bases in hand, invoke Power Play. There is a 3 Token Counter for which we must wait.
  5. When the Power Play counter gets to 1, Invoke Expansion Plans. All non-bases are discarded, but you can deploy every base in your hand!
  6. Assuming the opponent hasn't stopped your Power Play, you now control ALL of his assets!
  7. You win! (also assuming he isn't playing an Underground defenseless HQ...)
    Other Suggestions -- several readers have suggested the following comments.
  1. Since Mobile Base Construction could "tip off" the opponent that you are hordeing bases, don't use it! The Gar believes it is necessary and good to use Expansion Plans to guarantee same turn base placement, the opponent has three turns to try to kill your bases to PREVENT a Power Play from being successful. You might also use Data Store to expand your deck to hold enough bases. Your mileage may vary.
  2. Play Distributed HQ. This gives you a three-city head start on your base placement.
  3. Play Superior Bases - Use Hisho Fortress, PreFab Fortress, or other Hard to Kill bases
  4. Consider Underground Bases -- do NOT play them at opponent's HQ though, as soon as PowerPlay comes in, he will be searching for them!
    Another option is to play a weak base, with an Underground in the same city! He'll kill the Obvious base, and may miss the hidden base.
  5. Use Market Penetration to speed the acquisition of bases! Its possible to invoke Power Play by turn 6 using Market Penetration!
  6. You may wish to use a Holic Intuitive to block Lohwan's Acid Rain.
  7. As soon as your opponent realizes you are using Power Play he'll go base hunting! Consider using Property Insurance. If he's going to kill your bases, you should at least get resources for it!
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