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(As of November 2, 2003)
The Rules
Find me online: ICQ = 7356179, AOL IM = GarWarner .. or set an appointment

Non-APPA:Take 1 card by giving me 2 of same rarity from the Cards I Need List.

APPA: Take 1 card by giving me 1 of same rarity.
If you give me one of the Cards I Need take 2 of same rarity.
Any APPA may take up to 10 uncommon or 20 common at any time.

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2Trigger Happy Jack
10Anceph Punisher
6Archipelago Artist
9Archipelago Bravo
26Arell Cartel Arms Dealer
18Arell Cartel Hack
4Arell Cartel Lieutenant
3Beat and Rusher
23Bulldog Gunner
1Bulldog Trooper
4ComForce Attack Squad
1ComForce Grunt
11Corporate Hack
10Craven Armored Battalion
4Craven Slammer
7Craven WarTech
13Dragon Company Maverick
6Dragon Company Torcher
18Executive Assistant
1Exo Trooper
12Forward Engineer
2Frenzied Hacker
1Gaean Crusader
2Gaean Praetor
1General Pendergast
1Hasaku Arctic Auton
5Hired Goons
1Holic Tech
5Karl Thompson
3Lancaster Captain
18Manus Attendant
25Michael Donais
4Michael Silivir
1Mobile Six Surveillance Team
1Mobile Six Team Blue
4Mobile Six Team Gold
1Mother Earth Saboteur
10Phoebe Collins
4RAF Platoon
5RAF Spotter
1Rainbow Commando
8Red Claw Rebel
1Relovan Enforcer
2Relovan Saboteur
3Salvaged Assault Vehicle
2SAR Team
8Silent Sentinel
12Taikun Bravo
7Tantric Acolyte
4The Shooter
6Tinker Spy
20Trish Cruise
1Turem Inquisitor
4Turem Systems Enhancer
9UN Scout
25UXB Mine
12Victor Syek
5Vostok Ranger
1Vostok Warden
1Zoe Z3x
2Archipelago Institute
4Build Site
2Construction Yard
1Domain HQ
2Equipment Center
2Equipment Field Office
2Equipment Outpost
14Mobile Six Training Facility
26Sarkov Combine Refinery
1Sixth Anniversary HQ
8T'am Line
1UN HQ (HazMat Division)
2UN Intelligence Center
1Urdan Training Grounds
16AXE Missile Pack
4Ceremonial Sabre
1Circuit Scrambler
2Command Bolt
10Core Access Tag
5CranialTutor (Kirijitsu)
4CranialTutor (Launcher)
3ELV Field
9Napalm Missile
16Pocket Launcher
8Poxing Gloves
18Restraining Device
5Riot Gun
7Suicide Bomb
1Xian's Shadow
21Calling In a Favor
2ComForce Allies
1Corporate Advantage
1Eminent Domain
14Rapid Repairs
19Taking The Path
5Border Patrol
8Compound Interest
19Cover Fire
18Guardian AI
1Gun Jammer
14House Arrest
13Information Overload
1Orpheus AI
10Power Surge
2Reconstructive Nanoprobes
5Streetsweeper Protocol B
21Superior Forces
28Toria AI